What Birth Can Look Like When We Surrender | Denver Center for Birth & Wellness, Denver Colorado

Something happens in birth.

Something that you cannot see, cannot hear,

but you can feel it.

birthing person using the tub at Denver Center for Birth in Denver Colorado while partner gentle holds her shoulder


Birth is singular and physical, communal and deeply binding. It has carried us from the beginning of time and will carry us beyond.  Birthing with the support of people you trust, in the safety of validation and your uninhibited answering to this calling, birth – this is when magic happens.

There is a space between.  A raw place a fear a place of insecurity and doubt.   This is real.  What else is real is energy. Energy that binds.  The ethereal connection between this space and the next, the energy that permeates the veil rendering it powerless, only for a moment.  A two-way portal, lock and key held only by you and your baby.

Birth, I think, second only to death, asks for the whole of us.  It asks for our vulnerability, our strength, our trust, our surrender.


And if we release to it, in return birth gifts us transcendence.


To move beyond our own perceived limits, to awaken dormant places deep beyond our reach from this side.

This is a place only you can go, only you can see.

This is only what can be felt by those who witness birth.


a collage of images showing birthing person using the tub during labor while the partner sits near by holding her had or touching her shoulder



overhead image of birthing person laying in the tub, hand of her partner gently on her chest, watch showing the time of 11:14am

close up overhead image of birthing person's pregnant belly partially submerged under the water while the partner holds her hand

overhead image of birthing person sitting at the end of the tub toes touching the side, knees apart hands folded, suspended in the water in front of her


The language of birth is universal.

Medicated, unmedicated, at home or in the OR every, single, birthing person will utter this language from the core of themselves.  It is a reclaiming of Self.  The full realization of Self. That you, the co-creator, sustainer, keeper, birther, already embody what you need, instilled in you from each generation before you, the power and right to beckon this baby to yourself.

Sometimes we can forget, in the midst of it all that we-are-in-control.  YOU are in control. Sometimes all that is needed is a quiet nudge, a subtle reminder that you, you are in control.  You can go there, you CAN go there.  You are already enough.


series of collage images showing birthing person laboring backwards on the toilet with the support of the nurse and her partner at the Denver Center for Birth in Denver Colorado


series of collage images showing birthing person at the birth center laboring on and around the bed with the support of her partner


This is doula work for me. It is not to empower you, it is not to save you, it is not to center myself or replace your partner.  It is to be that quiet voice, that gentle hand, that reminder that every moment leading up to this one has been stitched into existence, for you.  Yes you can do this.  You already are.

Doula work is to commune with, speak up for and to create space with and for, you.  Doula work is to share knowledge, to collaborate with and to support  without question or bias.

Doula work is to have you know that you are seen, heard and your experiences matters.


birthing person is leaning over the bed using her elbows for support. Her partner has her hand gently placed on the small of her back, a thin light strip from the window forming the shape around her hip

the birthing person is layed out on the bed her head on her arm as her had drapes over her head, her other hand over her belly. The partners hands are on her hip. The birthing persons expression is one of exhaustion.

a series of images showing the birthing person stretched out in the tub at the birth center with her partner pouring water over her chest, holding her hand and her shoulder


As a doula, I could tell you how to build your birth team, I could recommend places to birth, attendants to be with you.  I could suggest curated playlists and what twinkle lights to purchase for your birth space. I could. And sometimes I do.

But what I so deeply yearn for is that you hear the whisper.  The one that comes to you in the middle of the night. The one that reminds you, this is beyond birth, this is bigger than any other thing you have been invited to participate in.  The whisper that calls you to release.  That asks of you to get really honest with your whole self. That asks you to answer with reckless abandon this calling, this offering to experience fully, the gift of birth.

May I say, if I could be so bold? Shut it all out. The Googling, the review reading, the Amazon shopping, the listening to uninvited advice and stories, shut it all out. Quiet your senses, return to breath, return to baby, return to Self.  Seek out that whisper. Welcome the discomfort of becoming absolutely clear of your wants, your needs, and your desires.  And then, unapologetically demand it, fully and completely.  This is your birth.  This is your journey. Lean into the magic, go get your baby.

overhead close up image of birthing person in the water one hand holding her partners the other on her belly as a contraction begins

birthing person in the tub image is from behind showing her with each elbow on the side of the tub her fingers running through her hair

overhead image of birthing person being supported by her partner as she moves from a laying down position to a seated position in the tub

overhead image of birthing person being supported by her partner as she moves from a laying down position to a seated position in the tub




a series of collage images of the birthing person leaning over the bed, her face visible in a circular mirror placed at the foot of the bed, her partner and nurse supporting her while she labors on the tub and the pushing on the birth stool



birthing persons expression is one of exhaustion while in between pushing

birthing persons expression is one of rest while in between pushing



a series of close up images of birthing persons face between pushing



birthing persons expression is one of rest while in between pushing

birthing persons expression is one of surrender while in between pushing as she looks up

side profile image of birthing persons expression, mouth open in surprise after just birthing her baby on the birth stool at the Denver Center for Birth in Denver Colorado

expression of complete relief on the birthing persons face while her partner holds her chin kissing her on the cheek while she stands behind her


a series of collage images showing birthing person and her partner in loving embrace holding baby skin to skin moments after birth at the Denver Center for Birth

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Hi, I’m Twyla! As a parent myself, I remember trying desperately to remember every detail of our birth, thinking, this is it, it’s my turn – I’m having a baby! I wanted to soak up every moment. The entire experience was so amazing, so intense, so raw – I thought there was simply no way I could forget it. Truth is, I did. That first look, the first cry, the first touch there is nothing worth documenting more than these very moments. Allow yourself to be present, to be in the experience as it unfolds.