You have spent countless hours envisioning, willing, cultivating and creating a space into existence. A safe space to not only grow and carry but to also welcome this new heartbeat into the world. Your entire Self has been consumed by a deeply rooted love for this baby; see your journey through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Birth Stories

Coverage of your birth story and up to 2 hours after delivery for all the snuggles and newborn exam. Add On Birth film is available! 

Individual Sessions

  • Maternity
  • Fresh 48
    (First 48hrs of life at the place of birth)
  • Newborn
  • Motherhood/Postpartum


  • Let’s meet for coffee (or tea or juice or muffins or cupcakes, I’m easy and my treat!) Choosing the right fit for your birth team is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Knowing the energy that is going to be brought into your laboring space is an important decision and I want you to feel comfortable with me being there.
  • I go on call for you starting at 37 weeks – this means I am available to you, 24/7 for whatever you need. You have questions? Ask them! You think your water broke? Tell me! Headed to the hospital? Let me know!
  • Unlimited coverage of your labor and delivery – and by unlimited I mean that I have had folks that asked for me to be there from the time of their induction to delivery which can span days to folks who have me come in just before baby is born. This is entirely up to you, it is your story.
  • 2hrs Post Delivery – these will be some of the first family photos you will have! Being able to remain in your experience, present and not worrying about pictures is important. Once everything settles in the room you have a chance to soak it all in, you just had a baby! I love documenting all the snuggles and the newborn exam for you.
  • Digital Gallery and Sneak Peeks – I usually head straight home and edit a couple of photos (because I just can’t help it!) for you to be able to share with friends and family! Within a few weeks, your photographs will be ready for you!