Little Shea | Newborn & Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting this handsome little fellow in North Bend earlier this week, what a treat it was!




Little Shea was born the beginning of June and you can see in the gentle touch from his mother and all the affection his brother shows him that this little guy is loved completely.


Our shoot was one of the easiest I have had, he slept the entire time and was relaxed which made it so easy to photograph all the cute little bits babies have. Toes, noses and itty fingers are my favorite!


Just two short years ago we welcomed our little baby home and it is so hard to think that she was once this little. The first few weeks and months are just a total blur and I so wish I had these types of photos to look back and remember the sweet little details. I remember I spent so much time watching my little girl sleep just trying to commit to memory every inch of her sweet little body. A Momma’s love is like no other.


A close runner up however, is that of a sibling. This little man loves his brother so much it is just the sweetest thing to watch. Even at three, he knew to be gentle an was perfectly content to lay still with his brother, what a lovely moment they shared.


We wrapped our shoot as one would expect, an epic battle, I lost….

Here are some more of my favorites from our time spent together. What a sweet family, it was a pleasure to document this beautiful season of life for them.




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