Itty Toes | Newborn Photographer | Sammamish WA

I remember when my daughter was born. I remember how intense it was. I remember thinking ‘there is no way I would ever forget this’. Turns out there is a way, it’s called time. Time gives, time takes. Time heals and gives perspective, time is fleeting. Though of course there is no way I would ever forget, Lord willing, that very important, intimate and pivotal time in my life, the details are missing. Call it the passing of time, or sleep deprivation I can’t recall the itty details without looking at a photograph. This is why Newborn Photography is dear to me. I know it feels like the last thing you want to do 48hrs after you have just birthed a human but seriously, you wont regret it. I’m so glad this family chose to allow me into their home to spend an afternoon with them and their newest addition.

Though Baby A was no longer 48hrs Fresh, he was still as cute as a button and slept the.entire.time! What a dream. My approach was really one of documenting the family in their space. Some of my favorite from this session was with baby and big sister. I am big sister to a brother myself and I wouldn’t change it for anything. The bond these two will share is undeniable.

 There was something different about the energy of this family. They were relaxed, the mood casual. Maybe it was because Baby A was their second, maybe because they were blessed with him a little later in life or maybe it was that time had taught them a lesson. Cherish time, enjoy time, find what matters and leave the rest.



Hi, I’m Twyla! As a parent myself, I remember trying desperately to remember every detail of our birth, thinking, this is it, it’s my turn – I’m having a baby! I wanted to soak up every moment. The entire experience was so amazing, so intense, so raw – I thought there was simply no way I could forget it. Truth is, I did. That first look, the first cry, the first touch there is nothing worth documenting more than these very moments. Allow yourself to be present, to be in the experience as it unfolds.