It’s All In The Details | Snoqualmie Newborn Photographer

Details, so tiny, so quiet, so easily missed. This is why photographing all the little things are so important. Hiring a photographer that pays attention to the details, that can capture an organic moment, find the things that are so easily forgotten is so important. Those are the things that you will want to remember years from now when you can no longer recall the details.


As a newborn photographer I get to meet families at the most emotion filled, sleepless nights charged moments. These times can be tough! I remember for myself, I thought I would never forget the details but I did. And so for me, preserving these moments for the families that I meet is so important. I work really hard to find the details, see the moments as they happen discern if it is something worth capturing and then capture it. Watching the body language between mom and child is fascinating. They fold so perfectly together, they were one once. With a newborn, it is so clear but as children get older it becomes more subtle, more muted. There in lies the challenge and I love it!

As mothers we are touched and it is exhausting and at some point we turn it off, we think we wish to never remember again a little hand digging down the front of our shirts looking for comfort, or how little feet find there way into the crook of your leg while you read books, how someone must always be touching you as if you are there only connection to life itself. It is too much, we turn it off, we forget. I don’t even remember the last time I nursed my daughter. All I remember was I wanted her to finally decide on her own that she was done so that I could finally stay clothed for a whole day, so that I could wear whatever shirt I wanted and didn’t have to first analyze the accessibility to my upper half. That day came and went. Gone forever, never again would she reach up to my face, play with my hair or smile at me with that cheeky smile while she nursed. It’s all in the details. That is why, with every newborn shoot I always always always take a picture, as best I can, from the mom’s perspective while nursing. You will one day want to remember what it looked like.

Taking time to document life in all its crazy details is the only way to ensure that when time passes and the memories fade that we can be taken back, pulling the pieces together in our minds to a time long gone.
If you are looking for a local photographer in the Snoqualmie Valley I would be delighted to connect with you. Let’s make memories.


Hi, I’m Twyla! As a parent myself, I remember trying desperately to remember every detail of our birth, thinking, this is it, it’s my turn – I’m having a baby! I wanted to soak up every moment. The entire experience was so amazing, so intense, so raw – I thought there was simply no way I could forget it. Truth is, I did. That first look, the first cry, the first touch there is nothing worth documenting more than these very moments. Allow yourself to be present, to be in the experience as it unfolds.