Finding Your Way Through Pregnancy | Denver Maternity Photographer

Will there be enough? Will there be enough time, energy, heart space, feelings, patience, love? Will I be enough?     Am I enough right now, in this moment? Do I have what it takes, right now, with who and what I am to grow and nurture this baby? What was I thinking? I can’t do this. This is too much. Feelings are really really big sometimes.  They come like a blinding flash, an overwhelming swell of boiling water.  Thick, uncontrollable, irrational. Too deep to look at, insatiable, relentless.  Anxiety is real.       We are subtly conditioned generationally,


What Birth Can Look Like When We Surrender | Denver Center for Birth & Wellness, Denver Colorado

Something happens in birth. Something that you cannot see, cannot hear, but you can feel it.   Birth is singular and physical, communal and deeply binding. It has carried us from the beginning of time and will carry us beyond.  Birthing with the support of people you trust, in the safety of validation and your uninhibited answering to this calling, birth – this is when magic happens. There is a space between.  A raw place a fear a place of insecurity and doubt.   This is real.  What else is real is energy. Energy that binds.  The ethereal connection between this


Itty Toes | Newborn Photographer | Sammamish WA

I remember when my daughter was born. I remember how intense it was. I remember thinking ‘there is no way I would ever forget this’. Turns out there is a way, it’s called time. Time gives, time takes. Time heals and gives perspective, time is fleeting. Though of course there is no way I would ever forget, Lord willing, that very important, intimate and pivotal time in my life, the details are missing. Call it the passing of time, or sleep deprivation I can’t recall the itty details without looking at a photograph. This is why Newborn Photography is dear



Hi, I’m Twyla! As a parent myself, I remember trying desperately to remember every detail of our birth, thinking, this is it, it’s my turn – I’m having a baby! I wanted to soak up every moment. The entire experience was so amazing, so intense, so raw – I thought there was simply no way I could forget it. Truth is, I did. That first look, the first cry, the first touch there is nothing worth documenting more than these very moments. Allow yourself to be present, to be in the experience as it unfolds.